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With the world becoming evermore interconnected, email communication is growing exponentially. Phishing attacks, fraudulent messages, and unwanted advertisements are becoming more and more prevalent in the modern world. According to statistics published by, spam emails were the most common attack vector for cybercriminals in 20201. Do not let spam bring your business down. With Advanced Email Protection, we offer a multilayered approach to protecting your emails: 

  • Anti-Malware Protection - scan incoming emails for any malicious attachments automatically. 
  • Anti-Spam Protection - prevent any unwanted emails from reaching your inbox. 
  • Anti-Spoofing Protection - protect your employees against fraudulent emails, such as fake C-Level emails 
  • Anti-Phishing Protection - protect your employees against fraudulent services, such as fake banking emails. 

Advanced Email Encryption 

With more and more government and third-party agencies tightening security restrictions, it may be necessary to ensure your email communication is encrypted. With Advanced Email Encryption, securing your messages have never been easier: 

  • No need for additional software - Cloud-Based.
  • Integrates directly into Outlook and Outlook Web Access - Easily encrypt your message with a click of a button.
  • Built-In compliance and data-loss prevention policies - Prevent any information leaks and enforce compliance. 
  • Painless recipient experience - Secure and simple procedure for your recipients. 

Email Security with Support

Get the IT support you need from the New Jersey-area leader

Like all of the business solutions we offer, our encrypted email comes with full comprehensive support. If your technology isn’t working properly, our technicians can fix problems remotely. To find out what makes The Connection, Inc the top technology deployment company for businesses in the New Jersey area call us today at (732) 291-5938.




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