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VOIP | Voice over IP Phone System Solutions

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Simple, Flexible, and Cost Effective

You’ve probably heard about VoIP – voice communication that transmits over the Internet. VoIP can save 30% to 50% compared to traditional phone bills and empowers your business to go far beyond the restraints of a typical phone system solution. The Connection, Inc. can evaluate your needs and pair the best-fit VoIP solution for your small business. Our solutions are scalable to accommodate your company’s growth.

Reliable Cloud

Our reliable cloud based services keeps your business phone system up and running all day, every day, no matter what. With The Connection, Inc.'s  cloud based  Call Forwarding and Routing, you never have to worry about losing connections with the vendors and clients your business depends on. In the event of a disaster, we can redirect your incoming calls to alternate destinations, including mobile phones. We can even completely reconfigure your system so that downtime is either significantly minimized or eliminated altogether. Let us anchor your company’s connections with our cloud-based VoIP services.

Feature Rich

When you choose The Connection Inc. to be your Hosted VoIP provider, you get the best in VoIP technology, including all the advanced, cutting-edge features with the highest level of reliability that will cost a bundle elsewhere. We can give you everything you need for your business phone service for less.

Tailored Implementation

Our services are built around your business, not the other way around. At The Connection, Inc., we take a comprehensive and customized approach to strategizing which of our cutting-edge features will integrate best into your business phone system to ensure you get exactly what works best for your needs. 

Use Your Existing Infrastructure

Don't run new phone lines next time you expand

Voice over IP uses your LAN to transmit data, and doesn’t require extra phone lines to be run through your office.  There are many types of configurations, ranging from the phone being plugged between your network drop and your workstation, to Wi-Fi-based phone stations that just need to be in range of your Wireless Network.

Cost Effective

Our cloud-based VoIP services are not only cost-effective, but they may end up saving your company in the long run. When you partner with us, you get more for less with our call path pricing. We can provide you with more flexibility, more telecommunications support, and more innovative connectivity solutions for significantly less than other Hosted VoIP providers out there.


Satisfaction guaranteed, or you don’t pay a dime. We're so confident in our products and services that we offer a 30-day guarantee on all VoIP services. So if you're not completely satisfied, simply contact us. And, unlike other business phone system providers, we don’t make you sign a contract. Our services are strictly month-to-month. So, if you ever decide to discontinue services, all you have to do to cancel is send us an email -- simple and hassle-free, guaranteed.

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