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Testimonial List

the response. Many of the companies we dealt with prior to The Connection outgrew us and became unresponsive... All the time and effort that went into our move to Edison and our conversion from "Baby 36" to Time Matters... Knowing that we can count on a response if we have a major problem or issue.
Mae Vandenbos ( office manager Leitner, Tort & DeFazio )
I've been using The Connection for approximately 5 years... they provide remote access, phone support... they did my phone system... online backup... and I want to thank them for giving me the best service.
Anthony Cammallere ( President T&K Contractors )
The Connection has proven to be a vital source of all things data and communication-oriented within our company. Their service is always prompt, courteous, informative and most of all effective.
Kate Seewald ( Merri Makers Catering )
A.J. Perri partnered with The Connection 19 years ago as the solution to our IT needs. We continue to be extremely pleased with the service George, Chris and Jay provide to our rganization. At any time we can contact The Connection and the response is as if they were a department within our company… immediate and comprehensive. Regardless of new installations, equipment upgrades or software troubleshooting, The Connection enables A.J. Perri to maintain the level of customer service we demand for our business.
Jim Henkel ( Opperations manager A.J. Perri, Inc. )
I just want to let you know that your staff is doing great responding to our service requests.
Roberto Flecha ( Executive Director Seashore Family Services of NJ )